SaoMai Audio

Guangzhou SAOMAI Audio Co., Ltd., the company's HIFI R & D team mainly developed the production of high fidelity HIFI fever class audio equipment. There are four brands of SAOMAI, HIFI, Mai Heng, LEAF AUDIO, focusing on different audio subdivision fields. With the idea of your voice, you are the owner", serve the enthusiast, pursue high fidelity effect. The professional core team is committed to the development, production and sales of high-end products for a long time, looking forward to providing high quality products and high quality services to the vast number of enthusiasts. For our R & D team, audio and sound quality is not only a hobby, It is our great enthusiasm and ideal to create products that can bring high quality experience to consumers. The HIFI team is enthusiastic in developing and utilizing technical and practical advantages to bring Pure sound quality and joy for consumers' life in any format.





HIFI team members are all enthusiasts, they are full of dreams, imaginative, and use a lot of practice and cutting-edge technology to design the most creative HIFI products. At the same time, they strive to be perfect, eager for their products to go deep into the heart of the enthusiasts can be perfectly integrated into the atmosphere of the them. The HIFI team not only evolves with the technology, but also develops and recommends the HIFI audio products to the world to get into the life of the vast number of enthusiasts so that they can hear the good sound they want.

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